Forget resolutions – try personal themes for the New Year!

I have a love hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. I enjoy having goals to aim for, but dislike putting pressure on myself, because let’s be honest it’s easy to get carried away with a list of things that you want to change, but it isn’t always possible.

I’m someone who finds it hard to stick to a routine, particularly at the moment during Covid, where the rules of what we are and aren’t allowed to do keep changing. I live with my Mom, who usually works full time, but has been off recently for health reasons to keep herself safe – (we’ve just entered another lockdown as the cases are out of control in the UK.) So as I’m easily distracted, I have to adapt to her being around, and then again when she’s back at work.

I saw a post on Instagram which appealed to my scatterbrain. They suggested that instead of resolutions, you think of ‘themes’ that you would like to focus on. It’s easier to have some general aims in your mind, compared to the dreaded lists.

I decided my themes this year will be intention, health and connection.


I often get swept along by life, so I would like to try to live more intentionally. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on my phone, I’d like to do more of the things I find meaningful – which could be studying or simply enjoying my hobbies. Writing is one example. It can be hard for me to get into the flow, but when I do it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding.


I’m pretty good at taking care of myself but having a chronic illness can make that difficult, and there’s definitely more I could be doing. I love the invigorated feeling I get after going for a walk, and I know it’s talked about a lot, but it really does help your mental health. (And let’s face it, walking is one of the few things we can do at the moment!)

Then there’s my nemesis… sugar. I have a fast metabolism so I’m usually hungry, and when I get hungry I snack on all of the sweet stuff. But then of course I get the inevitable energy crash afterwards which leaves me feeling rough. I’m not a fan of diets as I don’t think they work, but I’ll try to be more mindful of what I’m eating.


I think we’re all looking for this one. I don’t find it easy but I’m going to try and reach out to others a bit more this year. When the restrictions ease up, I’m going look for ways to meet other people. I’d planned to do this last year but any opportunity to do so in person was extremely limited. I can’t bring myself to socialise on Zoom as I find it painful having to watch myself on a screen. But if I can make a connection with at least one person then I’ll be happy.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of times I won’t live by my themes, but that’s not the point. I want to take small steps towards where I want to be, and the beauty of it is there’s no pressure!

What would your themes for 2021 be?

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